Hourly Rate to Sitter$30$35$40$45$50 + $5 every additional child
Hourly Service Charge$8/hr$8/hr$8/hr$50 flat rate fee$60 flat rate fee

Two Sitter Bookings are to be booked per each sitter needed in the app. Add a note in Caregiver Notes that this is a 2 sitter job request. Our booking team will confirm the rates of booking when entered.

Gratuity is at the discretion of the client and goes directly to our greatly appreciative sitters. 

There are Holiday, Peak Dates & Same Day Booking fees that apply.  Check in the Sitter Pro App or visit online


Payment is due at time of services and is made by you in two parts:

  1. Hourly Rate paid directly to sitter, upon your arrival home, for the number of children and the total hours worked. (Cash, or Cash Transaction apps ONLY)
  2. Service Charge: charged to your Credit Card on file and paid directly to Telluride Sitters after the booking is completed. Please have an updated credit card info in the Sitter Pro App or use Sitter Pro for Desktop to update

For further explanation on fees, payments, and cancellations, please see Our Policies

Questions regarding babysitting text Danni: 267-614-4449