Telluride Sitters, LLC is a team that has been established for over 12 years! 
Our sitting team does change over seasons. If you are here for only a season, that is great! We welcome seasonal sitters.

Our clients enjoy outgoing sitters.  They also prefer sitters to be on time, perform cleaning duties related to children, engage with their children, field trips, outside, etc.  We also prefer our sitters use and have professional language between child interactions and your client interactions.  Balance is key!

You are responsible for receiving your pay at the end of shifts.  Understanding our policies, clients policies will alleviate any Telluride Sitter from being paid incorrectly.  Telluride Sitters, LLC does not re-coup lost wages from clients. It is essential you know your pay, self-advocacy will win every time. 

We want CPR/1st Aid, we will run a background check.  We do seek people who have babysitting, camps, sports, recreational, para professional, nanny, au pair, etc. experience.  If you enjoy kids and have never worked with them, reach out to Danni directly: 267-614-4449 or email:

Our Motto:
What you put in is what you get out. 

What we want from our Sitters
  1. Be engaging with children, be active, enjoy outside and inside activities
  2. Show up on time
  3. Work with parents, communicate, speak professionally
  4. Know client and company policies to utilize self-advocacy for payments and policies related to each job
  5. When you commit to a job, you follow through and work the job committed
What we do NOT prefer
  1. Stealing clients, behind the back work, manipulation, shorting service fees and receiving full hourly pay
  2. Being late, inconsistent transportation and not completing all jobs
  3. Calling out of a job less than 48 hours
  4. No call no shows result in a dismissal from the company
  5. NO Visitors while working! Even a team sitter, if they are not making an hourly wage, no one should be with you while working the job you are committed to working